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Handmade Soap 02


Product Description

Multifunctional, highly flexible, allow you to design the product description content.

You can add product's details, functions and features onto the product description text field.

With the multifunctional text field, you can design the layout and set the text's color, size, font, alignment, paragraphing, etc., or insert special characters, emotion symbols (emoji), horizontal line, table, list, etc., onto the product description.

You can also add different product variant options, e.g. color, size, weight, etc.

Different variants can be set with individual product image, price, weight, inventory and product number (SKU).

Shipping Method

SF Express - Delivery
Charge by weight
Initial weight (1 kg) : HKD25
Subsequent weight (per 1 kg) : HKD12
Pick up at the store
Fixed fee : HKD0
Shop address: xxx xxx xxx